Being an only child

Since the beginning of time, children have been split up between “oldest siblings,” “middle siblings,” and “youngest siblings.” Separating children into either one of these categories has allowed society to form a prior judgment and conclusion about whichever category the child falls in, but there is a new category of children that started to grow in the 1990s. Enter, the only child.

only-child.jpg    As anyonly child could attest, we are not like any of the children that come from homes with more than one child. We are different. What separates us from them, besides getting to enjoy the annoyance of a sibling, is that we can be split up into two different categories of our own. This division between some only children and the rest of us is shown in the older stages of life and results from a natural human instinct: survival.

Unlike children with siblings, only children have to learn how to talk and play with other kids since that isn’t a skill available for learning in the household. Sadly, some only children are too shy when they are trying to develop these useful life skills and fall behind in their ability to socially interact with others. But luckily this doesn’t happen to the other group of only children, we, instead, blossom into social butterflies. This desire to advance in the social aspects of our lives is the reason we got in trouble in class for talking too much, the reason we involved ourselves in extracurricular activities, and serves as an explanation for our outgoing personality.  One of the most critical examples of us being different from the other type of only child is that almost all of us can describe one or multiple times when we went up to groups of children we didn’t know, by ourselves, and asked to join their group. What makes us unique has made us stronger.only-child-2-638.jpg

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